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Emergency Response Services

24/7 Response and Recovery

Facilities facing major emergencies need reliable professional response. Global Responders Group has response expertise available 24-hours 7-days per week to assist in incident and emergency mitigation. You can access our services 24/7 via our website or the following hotline +66 92 740 0550.

Emergency Response Planning

The holistic approach to emergency response planning we have developed includes: Identifying the gaps, Developing the worst case and common scenarios, Risk analysis in emergency response planning, Planning mitigation of the risk, Shifting the focus to a holistic approach, High risk process activity planning and standby. The holistic approach to emergency response planning considers all aspects of facilities life cycle and ties them together into a single emergency response philosophy. Departments, facilities or segments within the same business unit or organization need to work and plan together their approach to handling emergencies as a unified response.

Fire Service Engineering

Global Responders Group can assist your business with professional fire engineering services based on best practice and applicable codes and regulations.

Fire System Inspection, Testing & Commissioning

Did you know that the Oil & Gas Producers Association estimate that 80% or more of installed Fire Systems will fail to operate correctly on demand due to failures in design, commissioning, maintenance or testing? GRG experienced personnel have worked on various fire systems in all types of operating environments as designers, installers, testers and users. This means we know what to look for and where to look. GRG provides high quality evaluation and testing of fire systems which can include both: Commissioning of New Systems and Performance Testing of Existing Systems. Thorough and professional testing of fire systems whether at commissioning or during life cycle provides assurance to your business or facility that the fire systems are: Built and installed to specification, Perform to the required standard, Certified to be in operation, align with the Learning and development for emergency response, Site response and firefighting.

Fire Risk Assessments

GRG can assist you in defining the Fire Risk Assessment: process involving the systematic evaluation of the factors that determine the hazard from fire, the likelihood that there will be a fire and the consequences for your organization if one were to occur. There are both qualitative and quantitative methods of risk assessment that can be used and GRG is expert in both. Contact us for more information.

Provision of Turn-Key Fire Brigades

GRG can provide your facility, your region or your company with highly experienced professionals to manage your response capability needs. These services can include: Provision of complete turn-key Fire Brigades to facilities or groups of facilities, which can include: Personnel and equipment, Staffing with established leaders in emergency response, Bespoke services specific to the industry and hazard type, Coaching, mentoring and development of national staff members, Assistance in yielding value-added services to your organization, Development and monitoring of KPI’s and deliverables for your Fire Brigade.

Here’s how we work

We understand your business & industry which enables us to offer more efficient services to the Client. Based on years of experience and improvements we have developed our Emergency Response Cycle. Our mission is to enable you, our clients, to manage the risks within your business.

  • 1

    GRG has developed a holistic approach to Emergency Response Planning for your facility or business. Training and Exercise makes our approaches and plans even more effective.

  • 2

    Mounting an Effective Response. GRG can assist you identifying gaps and allocating the right resources to make your response more effective and your team ready.

  • 3

    GRG provides you with competent experience-based emergency management services in the form of manpower, management or complete response bases when the situation gets critical.

  • 4

    Every part of the plan aims to facilitate the management of any potential risk and of course the process of business recovery. At any stage, GRG is on your side.

  • 5

    Return to Normal Operation, acknowledging you have gained new experience and giving feedback and additional measures to improve Response Plans

Emergency Response Cycle

Our Benefits

Working with GRG is ensuring you to collaborate with leading provider of integrated risk management solutions. GRG specialists have decades of hands-on experience in delivering preventative and responsive QHSE. Our GRG specialist services are categorized through core lines to build Organisational Resilience

Our experienced specialists work tirelessly with our clients to provide a personalised consultancy solutions. We offer our clients tailored consultancy, training, equipment, manpower and 24/7 response services for maximum risk protection.

Due to our extensive experience and the quality of our experts, GRG understands your business & industry better and faster… which enables us to offer you more efficient services and optimal communication.

We seek out and maintain strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations to deliver unparalleled responses to satisfy your needs. Have a look at our partners page and get a clear idea of all the range of services we can provide you.