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Crisis & Incident Management Services

Crisis and Management Plans

GRG experts are highly qualified to help you define your crisis and incident management plans that outline the processes and organization needed to respond to critical situations or industrial incidents that would negatively affect your ability to operate, your reputation and ultimately your profitability. From identifying the Crisis Management Team (CMT) members to the process for testing the effectiveness of the crisis management plan, how to use social media and how to measure the results of your plan… GRG is committed to assist and coach your team to guarantee your company is 100% ready and effective in case of a crisis or incident. Contact us for more information.

Provision of Functional Support Team

GRG has been providing functional support services to clients. Whether you need a small-scale support program or you are a top five global industrial or oil company, or somewhere in between, GRG FSP services can help with a full assessment of what you need and can provide creative customized solutions. Experts of GRG provide your company with the additional skills and expertise that will help your own team to do their job better, faster, safer. GRGR FSP services provide your company with Best-in-Class resources by function. Contact us for more information.

Business Continuity, Resilience & Sustainability

All industries face a wide range of risks which could cause them long-term harm, affect their profitability or damage their reputation. GRG is an expert in guiding your organization through Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Business Resilience at all levels, from operational to strategic. To ensure the resilience of an organization, GRG designs business resilience strategies based on a business continuity plan, a disaster recovery plan, a value protection plan and an exploitation plan for commercial opportunities. GRG teams are expert in the three main standards for business resilience: ISO 22301:2012 – ASIS SPC.1-2009 – National Fire Protection Association 1600:2007.

Media Response, Public Information

Based on its expertise and experiences, GRG is highly efficient in designing and implementing PR campaigns and Media Response strategies. Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets; a crisis or incidents can threaten or damage your reputation rapidly. In today’s expansive world of smartphones and instantaneous social media reporting, industries and corporations no longer have the luxury of controlling communication with the public and media. GRG is used to developing incident management – communication plans, using multiple on and off-line channels to distribute the information or respond to the crisis. Contact us for more information.

Exercise Direction, Support & Auditing

GRG provides professional and experienced based, independent auditing services and facility reviews. Services are available for sites and facilities, from greenfield, to those that are in project phase or existing and operating. Auditing and reviews can be focused on any of these categories or a combination of those listed: Audits and reviews can be conducted onsite or at various other venues depending on the scope of work. Clients receive a full written report on the activity, observations and recommendations for improvements. Contact us for more information.

Incident Management Team Support

GRG can assist your facility or business by providing competent experience-based emergency and Incident management services, in the form of manpower, management or complete response bases (outlined below). GRG’s dedicated Team of professionals can custom tailor an emergency management system that protects your assets and reputation. GRG experts can also join your team and provide your company with extremely valuable skills and experience at a core and strategic level. Contact us for more information on how GRG can support your teams.

Here’s how we work

We understand your business & industry which enables us to offer more efficient services to the Client. Based on years of experience and improvements we have developed our Emergency Response Cycle. Our mission is to enable you, our clients, to manage the risks within your business.

  • 1

    GRG has developed a holistic approach to Emergency Response Planning for your facility or business. Training and Exercise makes our approaches and plans even more effective.

  • 2

    Mounting an Effective Response. GRG can assist you identifying gaps and allocating the right resources to make your response more effective and your team ready.

  • 3

    GRG provides you with competent experience-based emergency management services in the form of manpower, management or complete response bases when the situation gets critical.

  • 4

    Every part of the plan aims to facilitate the management of any potential risk and of course the process of business recovery. At any stage, GRG is on your side.

  • 5

    Return to Normal Operation, acknowledging you have gained new experience and giving feedback and additional measures to improve Response Plans

Emergency Response Cycle

Our Benefits

Working with GRG is ensuring you to collaborate with leading provider of integrated risk management solutions. GRG specialists have decades of hands-on experience in delivering preventative and responsive QHSE. Our GRG specialist services are categorized through core lines to build Organisational Resilience

Our experienced specialists work tirelessly with our clients to provide a personalised consultancy solutions. We offer our clients tailored consultancy, training, equipment, manpower and 24/7 response services for maximum risk protection.

Due to our extensive experience and the quality of our experts, GRG understands your business & industry better and faster… which enables us to offer you more efficient services and optimal communication.

We seek out and maintain strategic partnerships with like-minded organisations to deliver unparalleled responses to satisfy your needs. Have a look at our partners page and get a clear idea of all the range of services we can provide you.