Project Details

Dubai Supply Authority DUSUP
Oil & Gas
December 2014 – August 2016

Conducted various activities through DUSUP’s ER Step Change Program, including a 73 document suite covering all aspects of Crisis Management and Emergency Response. Delivery of the document suite was followed by development of a competency system and delivery of training and assessments to implement the new document suite.

Deliverables included:

  • Standard for Emergency Management
  • Crisis Management Plan and all supporting documents
  • Incident Management Plan and all supporting documents
  • Emergency Response Plans and all supporting documents
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Duty Cards, Action Guides and Incident Management Guides
  • Crisis and Emergency Management Competency suite
  • Training and Assessments

The Challenge:

Assisting HSE to bring about business tailored change to an existing organizations that did not interrupt the existing operations but fostered new behaviors and thinking which in turn enhanced the safety of all operations and sites.

The Result:

Through customer relationship and variation orders, a relatively small feed project developed into a long-term multiple aspect project that delivered to the client a fully customized holistic Crisis and Emergency Management document suite. GRG also assisted the Client in implementation to the various sites via stakeholder sessions, training and assessments, followed by a post development gap analysis.


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