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Global Responders Group

Organisations facing major emergencies need reliable professional response. GRG has response expertise available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist in incident and emergency mitigation.

Words from our CEO

What Deepwater Horizon showed is that you cannot afford to take safety for granted. Accidents hit reputations and brands, and reputations and brands hit the bottom line. Our job is to make our clients benefit from and appreciate this relationship.

Why did I set this up? It was down to my experience with crisis management and QHSE contractors while I was working in oil and gas – I knew it could be done better. I knew my experience was perfectly suited to starting a consultancy that was based solely on experienced operators. This is what makes GRG different – our specialists are all required to have in-depth, hands-on experience, this is the only way to offer a client sound advice and service – that experience base which we founded the company on.

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Committed to keeping your employees & industry safe

GRG specialists have decades of hands-on experience in delivering preventative and responsive QHSE.

Our specialist services are categorised through core lines to build Organisational Resilience:

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