Downloadable E-documents

At GRG, we think that knowledge and experience are assets we can share with our clients to help them to be better prepared and to plan their future interaction with us. In this section you will find downloadable documents you can share with your colleagues or to learn more before contacting us.

GRG has the ability to provide its clientele with impeccable professionalism and support. Collaborating with our company will provide a scale of opportunities that will enhance and strengthen any emergency response system.

Corporate documents

GRG Company Profile - pdf

Our new official company profile brochure

Media documents

Insert in Outlook Magazine May 2020 - pdf

Brochure inserted in Outlook Magazine thanks to an amazing partnership

GRG Ad in Outlook Magazine Feb 2020 - pdf

Our first operation in Outlook Magazine in the beginning of 2020

Article about GRG in Outlook Magazine Feb 2020 - pdf

Full article about GRG services inserted in Outlook Magazine thanks to an amazing partnership

Other documents

GRG Covid19 Business Reopening Instructions Brochure - pdf

Get all the information you need to safely reopen your activities.

GRG Emergency Response Training Catalogue - pdf

Access here all of our catalogue of training for Emergency Response

GRG CM-ER Self Audit Brochure - pdf

Follow the process explained in this brochure to proceed to your audit