GRG’s guide to safely reopen business after Covid-19

GRG’s guide to safely reopen business after Covid-19

In those difficult time for industries and companies, GRG is aware that finding the right information to restart the business is not a piece of cake. With the constant concern of keeping employees, staff, visitors safe and healthy, GRG has collected numerous information and edited a guide that is available for you here. This document serves as a resource for organizations to use as companies consider when and how to reopen their office(s).

As restrictions start to be lifted from country to country, and state to state, organizations that seek to join in the recovery process are starting to think about when and how to do this

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our client’s operation in ways we could never have anticipated.

With many staff now accustomed to working from home, and with expected requirements to comply with social distancing, temperature screening, and wearing of face coverings in the workplace, they can be expected to have genuine concerns about the safety and sustainability of return to work.

Use our checklist to ensure your employees a safe reopening.

Social distance, facial mask, sanitation station, temperature check… will become very common as long as we haven’t found an efficient medicine or vaccine. Refer to our basic as well as our advanced advice to make all your employees trust in their safety.

Feel free to download our guide by clicking here or by clicking on the image bellow:

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