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    Global Responders Group can assist your facility or business by evaluating your emergency response readiness and making experience based recommendations on what the facility or business needs to be ready to respond to an emergency. Many facilities and businesses already have much of the necessary equipment and resources, which GRG can organize into a capable

    • Review of existing emergency response assets and resources
    • Researching available mutual aid and external resources
    • Gaining and understanding of local legislation and corporate requirements
    • Applying experience based knowledge to determine the most effective response organization
    • Reporting and presenting findings
    • Developing SMART actions based on findings


    GLobal Responders Group has developed a holistic approach to emergency response planning for your facility or business. The Process includes:

    1. Identifying the gaps
    2. Developing the worst case and most credible case scenarios
    3. Risk analysis in emergency response planning
    4. Planning mitigation of the risk
    5. Shifting the focus to a holistic approach

    Holistic approach to emergency response planning takes into account all aspects of emergency planning and ties them together into a single plan or emergency response philosophy. Departments, facilities or segments within the same business unit or organization need to work and plan together their approach to handling emergencies as a unified response.


    Global Responders Group provides professional and experienced based  independent auditing services and facility reviews. Services are available for facilities that are in project phase or existing and operating. Auditing and reviews can be focused any of these categories or a combination of those listed:

    • Emergency response readiness
    • Emergency response exercises
    • Command system and structure
    • ncident Management Team, Business Support Teams, Country Management Teams
    • Firefighting systems and equipment
    • Firefighting response
    • Emergency response and site response teams
    • Health and safety systems
    • Learning and development for emergency response, site response and firefighting

    Audits and reviews can be conducted onsite or via various other venues depending on the scope of work. Clients receive a full written report on the activity and observations and recommendations for improvements.



    Global Responders Group is able to provide health and safety consulting, manpower or services to your business or facility. Using top industry health and safety professionals, GRG can evaluate your existing safety program or provide guidance on establishing a new health and safety system.



    Global Responders Group believes that businesses’ and facilities’ success in approaching emergency response is based on two key elements: proper planning and competent command system being in place and well-practiced. GRG can assist your facility in establishing a proper command system, enhancing and improving your command system or writing and implementing a new command system. Services include:

    • Evaluation, review or auditing
    • Developing a new system of command or redeveloping the existing command system
    • Integrating multiple command systems so that command is unified
    • Consulting with governmental bodies and developing Memorandum of Understanding or other tools so that your facility’s command structure works with existing local command (Unified Command)
    • Training and implementation
    • Assessing OIMs, On-Scene Commanders, Incident Commanders and response teams


    Global Responders Group in association with Haines Fire Safety Limited can assist your business with professional fire engineering services based on best practice and applicable codes and regulations.

    Global Responders Group staff members use their experience and education when assisting your facility in the design of new systems or equipment and writing proper specifications based on thorough review. GRG can assist in:

    • Fixed suppression system design
    • Water supply (mobile, permanent or semi fixed) design, hydraulics and specifications
    • Fire apparatus specifications, as well as, working with the manufacturer to ensure quality and application
    • Fire equipment specifications
    • Emergency response systems, equipment and supplies design and specifications


    INSPECTION, TESTING AND COMMISSIONING Did you know that the Oil & Gas Producers Association estimate that 80% or more of installed Fire Systems will fail to operate correctly on demand due to failures in design, commissioning, maintenance or testing? Global Responders Group experienced personnel have worked on all types of fire systems in all types of operating environments as designers, installers, testers and users. This means we know what to look for and where to look. GRG provides high quality evaluation and testing of fire systems which can include both: Commissioning of New Systems; or Performance Testing of Existing System Thorough and professional testing of fire systems whether at commissiong or during life cycle provides assurance to your business or facility that fire systems:

    • Are built and installed to specification
    • Perform to the required standard
    • Certified to be in operation
    • Learning and development for emergency response, site response and firefighting


    Global Responders Group can provide your facility, your region or your company with highly experienced professionals to manage your response capability needs. These services can include:Provision of complete turn-key Fire Brigades to facilities or groups of facilities, which can include

    • Personnel and equipment;
    • Staffing with established leaders in emergency response;
    • Bespoke services specific to the industry and hazard type;
    • Coaching, mentoring and development of national staff members for future succession;
    • Assistance in yielding value added services to your organisation beyond response readiness;
    • Development and monitoring of KPI’s and deliverables for your Fire Brigade.


    Global Responders Group staff includes highly developed technical writers that can develop procedures for your facility based on experience combined with facility or business requirements and regulatory compliance. Procedures must be practical and user friendly while meeting compliance needs. This service can include implementation and training as well based on the requirements of the facility or business.

    MANPOWER PROVISION AND STAFFING   Global Responders Group can provide outsourcing for emergency response teams and firefighting services and site response. Service is available for facilities large or small and can include staffing of regional response bases for several industries in an area. Manpower services provided by GRG are vetted for experience, education, physical conditioning and work aptitude. Global Responders Group can assist industrial sites and facilities that want to provide in-house response capabilities but do not have a labor pool to choose from also. ​ ​GRG can provide subject matter experts, health and safety professionals, fire engineers and response personnel either on an ad-hoc or full-time basis as a specialized manpower agency.

    GRG can assist industrial sites, business units and facilities with professional certified accident investigators to determine the root cause of industrial accidents and develop lessons learned. Prevention of future incidents often relies on thorough experienced base investigation which GRG can provide.

    Global Responders Group is developing centralized response bases that will provide contract emergency response services to multiple facilities. Like regional oil spill response bases, the same philosophy can be applied to major incident response bases, which are being developed and run by GRG. The centrally located response facility will be equipped to mitigate the hazards of multiple facilities which pay a subscription fee reducing the cost to individual facilities dramatically, while maintaining or enhancing emergency response readiness. Contact us for more information on base development and to determine if you area qualifies for a response base.

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